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Who else was involved in the selection of the watch for a character?

It depends entirely on the actors. Some actors care about watches, but others don't. Many directors and showrunners are watch experts.

Also, it's not always about the brand or price of the watch.Panerai Luminor Submersible Replica A 20-year old ingenue will probably shop at Marks & Spencer and not even consider a Casio. JCPenney can often have the perfect watch.

The budget I have for my film or television show will determine the type of watches that I purchase. I can't afford a $10,000 watches, but a $2,000 one might be okay. We always need two watches of each item because the actors tend to forget them. Skydivers lost my three watches when they jumped out of a plane. I don't know how they did it.

I finished Jack Ryan and needed four watches, each identical. One Panerai Luminor Submersible Replica was for the main character, another for his stand-in and a fourth for his stuntman. A good watch can be easily identified. People will know if you wear a knock-off. If I'm shooting a character in a close-up or medium shot,Omega Seamaster 007 Replica Watches I will use a fake watch. It is heavy and solid.

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What is the importance of historical accuracy in choosing a watches?

I'm obsessed with the date and month that a new watch was released. It's not necessary to have a new watch unless the plot of a story requires it. I am very particular about accuracy, which is a major problem for some people who work for me.

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